Hey everyone,


It's been quite an incredible year so far! I've met a lot of amazing musicians, producers and booking agents who have helped light a fire under my desire to perform and record original material. So far, I have managed to get a lot of those songs recorded acoustically along with the opportunity to perform them around town. I have just finalized my first updated single "Progress" available now on iTunes along with the music video. I plan on shooting two more videos this year in Maui and plan on releasing them all early 2017.


So what's next? I don't expect to slow down. I am currently actively searching for studios to record my first full length album with a wide arrangement of studio musicians. Although acoustic is great and I enjoy the individuality and creativity involved with being a solo artist, it's time to expand. I have received a lot of constructive feedback on my music and most have drawn the same conclusion: I need a band. So, with that said, let's jam! Musicians of all types that are dedicated to their craft with a strong emphasis on creativity, please inquire!


If you are a musician, booking agent, or producer looking for a new project and you are interested in getting involved, please contact me at info@michaelconradmusic.com or contact management at (424) 335 4230. I love meeting new people who are serious about being successful and believe in the marriage of development and creativity. The new year is approaching, let's make something great together!