The Remains of a Hibiscus Sky (Single)

The Remains of a Hibiscus Sky (Single)


The Remains of a Hibiscus Sky (Single)

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Let the rain fall down on this beautiful land

Touch it's soft skin to mine with delicate hands

Exotic fruit you look so cute 

With those flowers in your hair


And in this moment I find I never really knew what it was all about

Chasing away days passed that fill up my mind with doubt

Keeping close all those moments that dance harmoniously in my dreams

The blues always find a way to blend with different shades of green


And I fell for you

Just like a breaking wave

That rolls along to shore

And washes it all away


The turtles of the sea come follow me to the shore

Glide over the reefs that've made its home on the seafloor

And the warmth of the sun one love

Aloha aloha aloha


 When we return again to the land that made us whole

Will it feel the same way that day when she bared her soul

In the eyes and minds of those today and those who've gone away

The sun kissed her goodbye but the sky is here to stay


By then I fell for you

Just like a falling star

I'm so close to you

But yet I feel so far

RUN TIME -  3:57